Age Well Community Council Video

Age Well Community Council Video

Oftentimes you will hear Visible Stories talking about our in-depth interview process that is designed to uncover and visualize compelling personal stories. However, that’s not the only type of interview we can do.

Take this video, for example. The hiring organization needed a video to set the stage for a case study exercise happening during a conference they were hosting. As such, their purpose was extremely specific and they provided the interview questions.

Yet, in this video you will still notice the common theme of authenticity that runs throughout all Visible Stories videos. Paul very genuinely and openly shares not only the practicalities of his role at the Senior Center, but he also share his personal experience with needing purpose after retirement, and how that experience now motivates his volunteer work.

No matter what type of interview you are seeking, Visible Stories is here for you. To learn more, visit

Special thanks to Age Well CT, Connecticut Community Care, Elmwood Hall – Danbury Senior Center for the remarkable work they do. Thank you for entrusting Visible Stories with your stories.

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