Bound By Tape

Bound By Tape

Struggling to find their place in life, a group of outcast teens organize their own backyard wrestling fight club.

“Bound By Tape” examines a group of teenagers from West Haven, Connecticut who organized and facilitated a backyard wrestling Television show from 1998 – 2004. Through archive footage and an interview with Jason Forsyth, the cameraman who filmed the content, this film exposes the unique relationship of the teens. Individually, each member of this group came from a different background. That is, socioeconomically speaking. Although different, the teens came together as a result of similar experiences while in high school. Cast out, not really fitting into any social group, they came together to create their own world.


6th Annual Flamingo Film Festival – 04.27.19 | Fort Lauderdale

– Best Overall
– Best Documentary

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