BUFF 2019: Homegrown Horror Chapter VI: Discomfort Food

BUFF 2019: Homegrown Horror Chapter VI: Discomfort Food

BUFF invites you to squirm at our table, to sample the hell-broth of today’s New England horror. It’s a heart-stopping stew, steeped in alternate realities, harrowing memories, and monstrous revenge. The ingredients — from the surreal, to the grotesque, to the bleakly comical — are sourced from every dark corner of the Nor’east. It’s become one of our favorite traditions, serving up convention-defying, anxiety-ridden concoctions by our boundless regional voices. This season’s medley is brimming with meddlesome demons, vengeful toys, and uncanny conjurers, a jubilee of macabre sights and sounds. Sit for a spell, and brace yourself for nine nightmare-fueled visions ladled from the cauldron of Homegrown Horror.

Curated by Chris Hallock. Trailer edited & scored by Bryan McKay.
Screening March 22, 2019 at the Brattle Theatre


Dead Air
R.J. Wilson, Maine, 1 min.
Breaking news: the world is scary, and it’s pounding at the door.

Mercury Screams
Dan Wilder, Massachusetts, 7 min.
Inter-dimensional evil ruins a couples’ chance at rekindling their relationship.

Let’s Be Friends
Ryan Glista, Connecticut, 9 min.
A bullied boy contends with his puppet pal’s dark side.

Sloan Turner, Massachusetts, 16 min.
A troubled child sees monsters when her gravely ill mother returns home for convalescence.

Ultra Witchy
Mariah Klapatch, Maine, 17 min.
Three women share a strained relationship intertwined with the occult.

Water Horse
Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple, Vermont, 7 min.
A secluded family encounters a dreadful presence emerging from the water.

From Within
Andrea Wolanin, Massachusetts, 7 min.
A series of frightening encounters triggers a woman’s dark memories.

The Party
Mackenzie Bartlett, Maine, 16 min.
A trio of witches plan the ultimate shindig.

Ryan Grulich, Massachusetts, 6 min.
A supernatural, clown-like presence – in the shape of Georgie Denbrough – haunts a grieving mother.

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