Submitted as my senior BFA thesis project at the University of Connecticut

Freebird is about a Bird held captive by a Man. She spends her days watching him attempt to write and sings for him. Although their relationship appears loving at first, it quickly becomes more complicated. As the Man becomes more frustrated with his work, his behavior becomes conditional, toxic, and cruel. In the end, the Bird is given a chance to escape, but will she?

Artist Statement
Over the past few years I have been very interested in the topic of domestic violence and abusive relationships. As a woman in college, both the statistics about what women my age face and the experiences I witnessed by people around me, hit close to home. Because it is such a sensitive topic, I decided to focus on portraying the control that one person can have over another and how difficult it can be to break that cycle.

The story follows an injured bird and her caretaker, but also acts as a more complex metaphor for abusive relationships. While Freebird is the first realization of my original script, I see this project progressing into a purer realization of the original story I wrote, in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with my film’s message. Freebird is about the blurred lines between love and control, and I hope that those who watch will be able to take away a new perspective on the cycle of abusive relationships.

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