GIRL KING part 2 of full movie Feature

GIRL KING part 2 of full movie Feature

premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama.

a sexy, swashbuckling, gender-bending adventure on the high seas

A crazed drag-king pirate movie set on the shores of some tropicalized Vancouver, it’s jazzed and horny. Hilarious.–Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director, Toronto International Film Festival (in Now Toronto magazine)

Post-queer and post-feminist (and post just about everything else), it manages to tackle the complicated terrain of gender with insight and humour.–Rachel Giese (in Xtra! West Magazine)

The crowd was full of drag kings, femmes, gay bio-boys, MTFs and FTMs and more, more, more! Girl King, has all the elements, identities, and enough queer erotic sizzle to knock this butch, femme-loving drag king off his feet! Seriously, folks – if this film comes your way, go see it! Remember, though, to bring a date! –Will Dewar (in Cock Tales)

music by AMON TOBIN.

Director Producer Writer Editor


Location Sound Mixer

Make-up Artist


Claudia & Easy

Captain Candy

The Queen


The King

The Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama
Best Lesbian Feature, Making Scenes Film Festival (Ottawa, Canada),
Nominated for Most Deserving Distribution, Girlfriends Magazine
Opening Night Screening, Waterloo Queer Film Festival (Waterloo, Canada)
Opening Night Screening, Out In Africa Gay Film Festival (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban)

Outfest Festival Favourites (Los Angeles, California). “Best of Mixte” Cineffable (Paris, France). London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (London, England). Turin Gay International G & L Film Festival (Turin, Italy). Miami Gay Lesbian Film Festival (Miami, Florida). Verzaubert Film Festival (Berlin, Germany). Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Paris, France). Milano International L & GFF (Milan, Italy). Fire Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Long Island, New York). Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia. Brisbane Queer Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia). Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival (Sydney, Australia). Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Brno, Czech Republic. MixBrasil (Sao Paulo, Brasil). Outfest (San Diego, California). Outfest (Los Angles, California). Frameline (San Francisco, California). New Festival (New York, New York). New York S/M Film Festival (New York, New York). Buenos Aires Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Shwullesbiches FilmFestival (Zurich, Switzerland). Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Boston, Massachusetts). Inside/Out Film Festival (Toronto, Canada). Netherlands Transgender Film Festival (Amsterdam, Holland). Out Takes (New Zealand). Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Oslo, Norway). Transgender Festival (Hanover, Germany). Tokyo International Gay Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan). Hamburg Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany). Bremen Queer Film Festival (Bremen, Germany). Exground Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany). Capital Queer Film Festival (Canberra, Australia). Behind the Mask Film Festival (Dar es Salaam). Video Suitcase Festival (Gaborone, Botswana.), (Windhoek, Namibia), (Harare, Zimbabwe) (Braamfontein, Pietermaritzburg, Attridgeville, Mamelodi, Pretoria. South Africa). Vinokino Film Festival (Turku, Finland). Helsinki Queer Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland). Paris Lesbian Film Festival (Paris, France). Long Island Queer Youth Film Festival (Long Island, New York). Oldenburg University (Oldenburg, Germany). Scmachtfetzen Lesbe (Germany). Like A Man Art Festival (Regina, Saskatchewan). National Arts Festival (Grahamstown, South Africa). Queer Film Festival (Uppsala, Sweden). Reel Out (Kingston, Ontario). North Carolina Queer Film Festival (Durham, North Carolina). Lesbisch-schwules Filmfest (Hannover, Germany). Q! Film Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia). Bentlenses (Braddon, Australia). Long Island Youth Festival, (Long Island, New York). Reelout Queer Film Festival, (Kingston, Canada). Oldenburg University Festival, (Oldenburg, Germany). Dublin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Dublin, Ireland). Wingspan LGBT Film Festival (Tucson, Arizona). Out On Film (Atlanta, Georgia). Oklahoma Gay Film Festival (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Hartford, Connecticut). Seattle Queer Film Festival (Seattle, Washington). Image Out (Rochester, New York). Image Nation (Montreal, Canada). Boulder Gay Film Festival (Boulder, Colorado). Making Scenes (Ottawa, Canada). Counting Past 2 Film Festival (Toronto, Canada). Reeling Festival (Chicago, Illinois). Philadelphia Gay Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Ashgate Research Companion to Queer Theory (Noreen Giffney, Michael O’Rourke)
Sons of the Movement (Jean Bobby Noble)
‪Wie der Film den Körper schuf‬ (Annette Geiger)

/ 5.


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