One Night Stand (Short Film)

One Night Stand (Short Film)

A serial killer on the loose has put the intercity of Hartford at a standstill, leaving behind traces of its mutilated victims. At a time where people are afraid to venture out in the town at night, an adventurous woman brings her unknown date home for a one night stand. The night becomes intense and full of passion, but things turn when they reveal themselves for what they truly are.

One Night Stand (Short Film): Suspense/Horror
Written, Directed, and Edited by: Enrique Lebron
( )
Starring – Lance Williams
Starring – Linette Otero
News Anchor – Jude Rojas
News Reporter – John Sheatsley
1st AC/Camera Op – Melvin Cabrera
2nd AC/ Script supervisor – Jude Roras
Lighting/Set Design – Jim M.
Boom Operator/Sound Mixing – Luis Boria
PA/BTS Photography – Carlos Monet
Makeup Artist – Saydel Monet
Storyboard Artist – Juan Guzman
Visual Effects – Vadym Levchuk
Special Thanks to:
Yolibel Lebron
Krystal Goss
Devon Marcus Marino
Mallory Mason
Lauren Komrosky
Megan Fitzgerald

/ 5.


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