Sharing is Caring: The Role of Threat Intel in AppSec

Sharing is Caring: The Role of Threat Intel in AppSec

security operations teams at multiple companies, establishing incident response, forensics/investigations, and threat intelligence programs. Robin was a member of the pro bono team whose amicus brief exonerated a wrongly-accused substitute teacher convicted on the basis of erroneous interpretation of digital evidence in the State of Connecticut vs Julie Amero. The case is now studied in advanced degree programs in both law and computer forensics at universities across the United States. Her writing career includes both non-fiction and fiction, on topics of – what else – cyber crime. Robin also provides her expertise to best selling authors, screenwriters, and journalists including the BBC and NowThis News and she was one of the contributing consultants to the Tech Museum’s Cyber Detective exhibit which earned the praise of the Obama administration.

In this session, she will explore the role of threat intel in appsec.

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